The Concept That Is Wireless Technology

A defining characteristic of ‘wireless’ is the freedom of movement offered when using a device since there are no wires or cables involved. And that’s really the central concept. The first step to wireless technology was about removing the need to keep a device or appliance powered from the plug socket constantly.

To that end, efficient and lightweight power storage solutions began getting introduced into appliances so that they could first be ‘charged’ by drawing power from a conventional wall-socket. Once charged, they could then be used normally.

As such, remote controls for TVs, audiovisual players, HVAC solutions for homes and the likes were the first to employ wireless functionality both in terms of power as well as relaying instructions to receiving devices. Cordless phones and shavers were next in line to go wireless in the power storage sense.

Around the same time, communication between computer devices too was going through a similar transition. Where wires once formed the backbone of transmitting and receiving data from one physical device to another, that concept was slowly but surely being put to rest with the advent of new wireless signal based communication that did the job but without the burden of cables.