Wireless Devices For Homes

The IoT (Internet of Things) is truly upon us as every household appliance, big or small looks to get connected to this central intelligence that is the wireless network. And there is a whole new array of smart appliances that are vying to be connected and controlled remotely, from door bells and window blinds to electric geysers and lawn mowers.

That said, here are some neat wireless home solutions that might peak your interest.

Home Automation Hubs

Amazon, Logitech and Samsung have their own little version of home automation hubs that are like this central nervous system for a range of wirelessly controlled home devices. These include lightings, HVAC, kitchen appliances, computer peripherals, entertainment devices and much more.

The secret of these hubs lies in the multitude of wireless signals and protocols that they can work upon. For instance, the Samsung SmartThings Hub can work with devices that use the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or the more exotic ZigBee and Z-Wave.

Home Security Cameras

These are essentials in any home. Small, compact and with a wide pan, tilt and zoom, these cameras come in both static as well as motion tracking avatars. Furthermore, you could have them upload the feed continuously into the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere.

Products like Nest Cam and Piper nv can be remotely controlled as well as monitored via dedicated apps on your smartphone. Sporting night vision capabilities to record in low light, installing these cameras in your home should help you sleep much soundly.

 Smart Locks And Home Security Systems

Smart locks sit atop your conventional locks to offer a second line of defense against intrusion. They can speak through Bluetooth to your Android or iPhone and grant you as well as your guests quick access when required. Some are pressure sensitive so any amount of tampering with them will send out a distress signal to your phone immediately via your home’s WiFi network.

Similarly, home security systems today can be remotely accessed via apps on your phone. With a range of features and sensors, they are adept at picking up unwanted activity in and around your home’s vicinity and shall intimate you as soon as their sensors pick up anything remotely unusual.

Thermostats And Lighting

Apart from being controlled remotely over the phone, smart thermostats can be dynamically provided with temperature information and they are capable of ensuring that the temperature remains constant all throughout the home and not just one spot.

Lights too can be controlled wirelessly, and with certain variants you could control the lighting mood to match that of your own. So, its not just light intensity but the hue in these lights that can be dynamically manipulated.

Cooking Appliances

From sous vide cooking to smoking, grilling and baking, kitchen and outdoor barbeque sets too can be remotely turned on and off using your phone. For instance, the electric smoker with smart technology will intimate you once the food is ready. Similarly, with the Bake Pro, you can get the exact measurements for your baking mixes wherein the device does all the legwork and removes the aspect of guesswork from your end.