Wireless Tech In The Workplace

The development of wireless technology has redefined the way we work. Today, cellphones are more than just make-and-take-call devices. From messaging to emails to sharing files and photos on the go. Basically, there’s a lot to be gained in terms of efficiency, communication and improvement in business processes with the induction of wireless technology in the workplace.

Wireless Devices And Connectivity

Apart from smartphones, when you can connect your other devices like tablets, laptops and hand-held units to each other over a wireless network that becomes a force-multiplier for the business. Being able to share and seamlessly transfer workplace-critical data without the fear of it being compromised is what makes next-generation wireless networks so attractive as a technology. Overall, it allows employees to maintain efficiency while on the move.

Furthermore, a wireless network offers ease of maintenance to the Information technology department. Whereas with a wired network, the IT people would spend hours look for faults and cable snags, snaps and other wire-related issues across various floors in the office.

Radio Frequency Identification

Keeping track of items, employees and shipments become a whole lot easier when they use radio frequency identification. Much like a bar-code, RFID tags too serve the primary purpose of tracking. But they are designed to track multiple IDs at once wirelessly.

Thus, when there’s RFID tracking put in place for employees in an office, it lets the HR department monitor entry and exit time, and in emergency scenarios like a fire or other disasters befalling the workplace can ensure no one’s trapped inside.

Similarly, with items, RFID requires items to be scanned once all pertinent information is transferred to the designated servers wirelessly. Not just that, this form of tracking can store more info than other identification method around.